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Advanced Technology Solutions

There has never been a greater thirst for relevant, real-time digital information than in today’s complex digital environment, and so the need for investment in new technology is essential to stay in the game.

Customers now have a demand for information that will help improve their business decisions. Digital technology is a critical factor in remaining competitive in the world of logistics.


North West Logistics have invested heavily in their Transport and Warehouse Management Systems to ensure that they remain at the forefront of leading-edge, new technology. We continue to innovate to solve our customers’ most pressing needs, supporting them with flexibility and professionalism.

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Fleet Management

We have a sophisticated fleet management system onboard all our vehicles, providing instant information on tracking and vehicle status.

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Customer Portal

We operate our own customer web portal to allow quick and efficient access to all our transport systems. From on line job creation, to final delivery - accompanied by a digital signature, we can provide our customers with a complete digital audit trail.


A number of our customers have gone one stage further and integrated their systems with ours. This has reduced duplication of order entry and increased access to vital digital data.

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Warehousing Systems

We also provide a web portal linked to our warehousing systems. This gives real time inventory levels, allowing customers to manage their stock remotely and cost effectively. We are also able to design bespoke reports for our customers that can be downloaded on a real time basis. 


MyNexus - Track and Trace

Pall-Ex's MyNexus software offers a range of advanced tools to improve booking, reviewing and tracking shipments. 


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Today, it is not enough to be competitive just on price and quality of service. Now, the logistics provider must provide a third essential service “Digital Technology.”


At North West Logistics we provide all three services and more to ensure we meet the ever increasing demands of the twenty first century.

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