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Corporate Social Responsibility

Many companies talk about Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) but we take it very seriously.

We have a self-regulating business model that helps us to be socially accountable to ourselves, our stakeholders, and the public at large. By practicing corporate social responsibility we are therefore fully conscious of the kind of impact we are having on all aspects of society, including economic, social, and environmental.

A big part of our business model is dedicated towards ensuring we have compliance in all areas of our business and meet all our legal responsibilities. We continually train our employees to ensure that they respond positively to all aspects of the society they live and work in. 

North West Logistics - Warehousing and S

Healthy and Safety

Health and Safety is our number one priority. This applies to our own employees and everyone else in society that our business interacts with. We monitor our compliance and act where ever we feel necessary. Whether it is in our warehouse facilities, or out on the road delivering product for our customers, we recognise that Health and Safety is paramount at all times. We have management resources focused on Safety, Health, Environmental, and Quality (SHEQ).

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To combat environmental issues and pollution we operate the most up to date Euro 6 vehicles in our fleet which are proven to have historically low CO2 and nitrous oxide emissions. Combined with increased fuel economy this makes a very real difference to the environment we work in.


Pall-Ex's purpose-built hub

At the heart of the Pall-Ex network is their efficient,

non-drive-through transhipment hub. The specially levelled, raised hub floor ensures fragile goods are not affected by vibration during
transhipment. The development of the purpose-built central hub regenerated an extensive area of land in the most environmentally conscious manner; with trees planted, natural ponds reclaimed and specialist techniques employed to minimise both noise and light pollution.

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